We’re losers!

But we mean that in the nicest possible way.

Inspired by a call to “get healthy” from our Human Resources Director, Ellen Winterburn, the teams at DO MORE GOOD and MINDSCAPE squared off this winter for a healthy weight-loss competition.

skd224115sdcTeam members hoping to shed a few pounds stepped up to the scale in the official weigh-in on January 8. An interim weigh-in 4 weeks later served to light a fire under some and heighten the competition among others. Today’s final weigh-in revealed some big results.

Here’s the skinny

The biggest loser — which makes him the big winner — was Jim Hoogewind, representing Team MINDSCAPE. Jim, who describes himself as pretty competitive, lost a total of 11.91% of his body weight in just 8 weeks. Not too flabby… er, shabby, Jim. (We think he’s more than a little competitive.)

Jay Bolt, from DO MORE GOOD Team MI, shed 9.51% of his body weight — enough to claim the #2 spot in the competition.

The 3rd place honors go to DO MORE GOOD Team CO member Meghan Engdahl, who weighed in today at 5.58% below her starting weight.

Other big losers were Carrie Svoboda, Nick Palmiotti, and David Lucas — all representing DO MORE GOOD Team CO.

How did the states stack up?

MI (DO MORE GOOD Team MI + Team MINDSCAPE): 46.2 pounds

DO MORE GOOD Team CO: 19.2 pounds

That brings the total competition weight loss to 65.4 pounds! Congratulations to all our losers.






Birth of a Nugget

McDonald’s Canada is *killing* it this week.

Anyone over the age of 7 who’s eaten a Chicken McNugget has had the same thought: “What exactly am I eating?” Of course the Internet, like Nature, abhors a vacuum and there was a lot of conjecture about what McNuggets might be. Some it was funny, some of it was mean-spirited, but none of it got a rebuttal from the Golden Arches.

Until now. McDonald’s Canada, who is—this is crazy—using social to create dialogue with its customers, actually made a video that shows us exactly how a Chicken McNugget is made. (Spoiler alert: it’s made from chicken!)  And it is everywhere this week. I doesn’t matter what news site or aggregator I hit, they’ve got the Chicken Nugget clip. So for using the power of The InterWebs to combat ignorance and change consumer perception of your brand, McDonald’s Canada, I’m lovin’ it.


Fiat-Chrysler has a new logo

New logo for Fiat-Chrsyler

New logo for Fiat-Chrsyler

Just saw this @NYTimes: Fiat-Chrysler has a new mark. Designed out of Milan, it’s a square, a circle, and a triangle. My officemate’s initial reaction was: “It looks like a small midwestern tech company.” Ouch. What’s your take?


Cold weather, warm spots.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.15.30 AM

Watching the Super Bowl with a room full of agency people and creatives is a slightly weird yet wonderful experience. During the actual football portion, there’s eating, drinks, and lots of chatter. But when the break hits … a hushed silence.  

In last night’s Super Bowl spots, it was heartstrings over funny bones. As the Seahawks shut down the Broncos in a frosty open air stadium, the 100 million plus viewers were probably a little bit glad for the commercial breaks. Unlike Peyton Manning, last night’s spots were warm, fuzzy, and often drizzled in sweetness. Continue reading “Cold weather, warm spots.”

Facebook launches a (beautiful) new app on Monday.

Facebook has developed a new app for browsing Facebook which, based on the promo clip, is lovely. The app has a clean, spare UI, and plenty of smart gestures for interacting and navigating. Given how cumbersome and reliable the Facebook app for iPhone is, I’m planning to download Paper as soon as I can. (That would be Monday, February 3.)

What’s your take? Are you happy with the current Facebook app,  anxious to use something better, or have you given up on Facebook ? The comments box wants to know.


Purpose beyond profits

Can a store change your life?

It’s no coincidence that, on the day The Container Store launched its new purpose powered marketing campaign, the Dallas-based retailer was named on FORTUNE magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies To Work For® for the 15th consecutive year.


Instead of touting its latest product innovations, the new campaign shines a light on The Container Store’s core purpose: being a store that can change your life.  Specifically, it explores the question: What if everyone associated with a business could thrive? Continue reading “Purpose beyond profits”

PB & Purpose

Can peanut butter have purpose? The delicious sticky goodness may be enough for many, but it takes more than a tasty product to make a brand stand out.

Jif__Choosy_Mothers_Taste_Test_1977-500x385“Truly sustainable business models are linked to fundamental human values — an ideal of improving people’s lives,” explains Jim Stengel. The former global marketing director of Procter & Gamble has been exploring brand ideals since his early days on the Jif brand management team at P&G.

Continue reading “PB & Purpose”

Balancing risk, creativity, and failure

Dan Wieden, co-founder of Wieden+Kennedy, famously told W+K creative director, Jerry Helm, “You’re only good to me after you’ve made three tremendous mistakes.”

From then on, the advice to every W+K creative was “Fail Harder.”

Fail Harder

Two recent events have us pondering failure. Continue reading “Balancing risk, creativity, and failure”

Cheers to doing good

Good things just around the corner

Who doesn’t love a hometown hero? That includes the corporate kind. When some of the nation’s top business or news outlets profile locally based companies as models for good, we find ourselves cheering from the office down the street. 

A couple recent shout-outs went to Amway Corporation, the direct sales giant with global sales of over $11 billion, featured in an August Forbes article on corporations making “good” a goal, and Madcap Coffee Company, a Grand Rapids purveyor of quality wholesale and retail coffees, profiled in a June US News & World Report opinion piece titled, How Companies Can Do Well While Doing Good.


And, while we’d cheer our local business community regardless, we’ve pulled out the pennants and pom-poms for these two because they epitomize purpose-powered brands.

Close to our hearts

dmg_blue-heart-80pxWhy all the cheering? On August 1, Hanon McKendry and The CSK Group announced our merger and rebrand as DOMOREGOOD, a fully integrated brand-building agency dedicated to providing world-class strategic and creative services (and here’s the heart of it) to organizations that are committed to making a positive impact on the world around them. In other words, we work with purpose-powered brands to help them grow their returns and impact so they can do more good.  Continue reading “Cheers to doing good”

Time with the Team: Niccole Kakaty


This interview series with members of the DOMOREGOOD team provides a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

Niccole is one of the senior client managers in charge of facilitating conversation between clients and our staff. It’s her job to provide input to the creative team on behalf of the client, track the progress of various jobs to make sure all the work is completed on time, and stay in constant contact with our clients to ensure satisfaction. With football season right around the corner, it’s fitting to say that Niccole is a quarterback for our team.

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Niccole Kakaty”

Time with the Team: Jessica Rose

This interview series with members of the DO MORE GOOD team provides a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

Most people dread accounting courses in college. But for Jessica Rose, they were the reason she went.

“I took a year off after high school, and then a friend said to me, ‘I have to take this accounting class. I know you like accounting, so you have to take it, too, and tutor me,” Jessica recalls. “So I ended up enrolling and going on all the way to my master’s degree.”

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Jessica Rose”

Time with the Team: Susan Johnston-Patrick

This interview series with members of the DO MORE GOOD team provides a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

When asked to describe an average week in her shoes, Susan responds, “Boy, there is no average.”

As creative director, she is constantly concepting new parameters for projects and collaborating with everyone from photographers to copywriters to film directors. She plays a role in a variety of jobs. “I feel fortunate that the projects I’ve participated in are so diverse,” Susan says. “I just finished working on television. I’ve also recently worked on website design as well as publication.”

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Susan Johnston-Patrick”

Time with the Team: Wendy Pratt

This interview series with members of the DO MORE GOOD team provides a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

Finance and Family: A Life of Balance

After speaking with several of our team members, I noted that almost everyone mentioned “working here is fun” or something like, “the environment isn’t what you would expect from a typical corporate office.”

I wondered what exactly they meant by this. I think I found my answer while talking with Wendy, our finance associate.

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Wendy Pratt”

Time with the Team: Stephan Hokanson

This interview series with members of the DO  MORE  GOOD team provides a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

Sink or Swim? Maybe it’s all about rowing the lifeboat.

Stephan Hokanson is a busy guy. He serves on the board of the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan. He volunteers at Burton Elementary. He’s been an adjunct professor at Kendall College of Art and Design. He also serves as a lector for his church. Oh yeah, and he’s a senior copywriter at DO MORE GOOD.

Why so involved? I asked the same question.

“I have something to give. If our community is a lifeboat, I’m one oar in the water. That is my metaphor for my role. I may only be moving the boat forward a little bit, but it still helps.”

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Stephan Hokanson”

Time with the Team: Derk Baartman

This interview series with members of the Hanon McKendry team provides you a glimpse into our lives. While what we do is vital to our company, the greater importance lies in who we are.

Phone in one hand, calendar in the other

Production and travel schedules, photo shoots, budgets, and talent. Possible common denominator? Derk Baartman.

He is Director of Production at Hanon McKendry, and he never stops moving. When he’s not on set, he’s brainstorming, budgeting, scheduling, and maintaining quality control on a myriad of projects.

And he’ll do what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget.

Continue reading “Time with the Team: Derk Baartman”

Welcome summer!




It’s official! June 21 is the Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year and the official start of (almost) everyone’s favorite season.

What do you love about these long, lush, leisurely days? Our staff members weighed in with their 3 favorite things about summer. Here’s a sampling.





1. The SUN has returned!

2. Beach and camping trips

3. Sparkly patio lights and outdoor parties!


First, I’d like to point out there are 5 things on Bethany’s top three — and four of them are plural.  :-)

Second, my three favorite things about summer are:

1. The smell of a lawn freshly cut with gasoline push mower

2. Going for a run and NOT slipping on the ice

3. The Pimms Cup  Continue reading “Welcome summer!”

Five More iOS7 Opinions

Apple_iOS7Apple’s new iOS7 is all the rage in discussions among techies and creatives alike. What do our creatives think? Check it out:

Stephan, Copywriter

Lovely, far more consistent, but a bit late to the party. This should have happened years ago.

Continue reading “Five More iOS7 Opinions”

Welcommen KSN Studenten

We brushed up on our Deutsch today when we hosted a group of 20+ business and marketing students from the Kaufmännisch Schule Stuttgart Nord (KSN) in Stuttgart, Germany. Willcommen

They’re in the U.S. for 10 days through an exchange program hosted by Muskegon Community College and Lansing Community College. The group spent three days enjoying the sites of Chicago and are wrapping up a week of business tours and site seeing in West Michigan.

According to Muskegon Community College Social Science Department Chair and International Coordinator, Katherine Tosa, this is the 17th year the two Michigan community colleges have hosted student groups from KSN. This was the program’s 7th visit to Hanon McKendry.  Continue reading “Welcommen KSN Studenten”

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has perfect timing

Our new television spot for the Southern Baptist Convention couldn’t have come at a better time.  Now airing on national television, it brings awareness to the right issues at the right time. Rest assured, the Southern Baptists are in Oklahoma now, doing what they do best.

Check out the spot below, and go behind the scenes to see the making of this shoot here.

If you’d like support disaster relief in Oklahoma,  donate to the Southern Baptists now.

A twist on billable time

Tours and Canned Goods

The pantry at Mel Trotter Ministries

The pantry at Mel Trotter Ministries

At first glance you may wonder what these two things could possibly have in common. Tours of a canned good factory, perhaps? Well, Hanon McKendry had a very different idea for how the two things could relate.

Every year, various student organizations and educators express interest in visiting our office. While we strongly believe businesses can play an important role in the educational process, and we love to accommodate these groups, we realized that these student presentations had a significant opportunity cost. We were investing a lot of time in the tours.

Continue reading “A twist on billable time”

A dilapidated house, a $65,000 lens, and one monstrous crane

Check out on-set photos from a television shoot we did last week, right here in GR.

The client

North American Mission Board, a national organization of the Southern Baptist Convention, connects local churches, associations, and state conventions to advance their mission. One of their most visible and impressive programs is Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, which mobilizes volunteers to assist during and after disasters. For example, when Grand Rapids was in flood chaos, the Southern Baptists were there filling sandbags and feeding families whose homes were underwater.

The house

To replicate a disaster zone, we nabbed a house slated for demolition as our backdrop. “The whole block is being leveled — this was the last house left,” says our director of production, Derk Baartman. “Luckily, we were able to use it as our set for three of the shots before it was demolished.” The demolition is being completed by the Inner City Christian Federation as part of their ongoing effort to provide affordable housing in our community through rebuilding and renovation.

Continue reading “A dilapidated house, a $65,000 lens, and one monstrous crane”

3 organizations you’ve probably never heard of (but should)

In early May, nearly 2,000 leaders from several hundred Christian ministries, nonprofits and businesses gathered in Anaheim for the Christian Leadership Alliance conference.

The nonprofit and faith-based sectors have been important parts of our client base since we were founded in 1994, so several of my colleagues and I were there to introduce a new business venture.

Doing good comes in all shapes and sizes

Many of the organizations we encountered would be familiar to most people—who hasn’t found a Gideon’s Bible in their hotel room nightstand or placed a dollar bill in a big red Salvation Army kettle to help ring in the Christmas season?

But, in talking to the directors of some smaller or less-widely-known organizations, I quickly realized that their lack of familiarity by no means translates to a less compelling mission. In fact, the work they undertake on a daily basis is nothing short of transformational for the people whose lives they touch.

Three, in particular, fit the “never heard of” category for me. I found their stories inspiring, and thought you might, too.

Affirming abilities

Whether they’re taking on a ropes course, enjoying a swim or hanging out with new friends, kids at Camp Barnabas know they’re loved and celebrated for their unique abilities.

Whether they’re taking on a ropes course, enjoying a swim or hanging out with new friends, kids at Camp Barnabas know they’re loved and celebrated for their unique abilities.

Missouri-based Barnabas Life Unlimited operates Camp Barnabas and Barnabas Prep, programs that celebrate the fact that all people—including those with special intellectual, physical and medical needs—are uniquely created to live a life of ability.

  • Camp Barnabas offers acceptance and an exhilarating summer camp experience to 1,500 campers with special needs and chronic diseases—and their siblings—each year.  Plus, over 2,300 volunteers every summer get an experience of a lifetime serving as counselors or providing other vital support.
  • Barnabas Prep is an academic-year program that helps prepare teenagers and young adults with special needs for a more independent life. The program allows students to grow in community and independent living skills and to choose a vocational training track.  Recognizing the distinct gifts of each student, Barnabas Prep pairs people with special intellectual needs with those who have physical disabilities in a way that encourages each to lend support where the other faces a challenge.  Continue reading “3 organizations you’ve probably never heard of (but should)”

NAB, not NBD.

One our our Creative Directors, Mike Schurr, also shoots much of our still and motion. He faithfully attends the NAB show, so we asked him to share his impressions.  

4K was everywhere.

I’d guess that well over half of the exhibitors made mention of 4K. (4K is four times the resolution of traditional HD). Companies like Sony and RED are suggesting that soon 4K or “Ultra HD” will be in living rooms all over the world.

Continue reading “NAB, not NBD.”